November 2006

Sunday, November 19, 2006

No Intrest in Coloring? - [The Papa]

Well now, Harris has all this intrest in all things musical but will he draw and color?

His teachers say that he doesn't really show an intrest in coloring.  I admit I am a bit disappointed at this but he does enjoy letters and reading.  Normally my son likes to bring me books to read to him.  The other day a was working on a masterpiece he came over and started reading a Nemo book to me.  Amazing!  Reading with comprehension is good stuff.

So back to this difficulty I have with lack of coloring interest.  I had an epiphany, if we can get Harris to learn by using something he likes such as music...  So I started to think, how can I get Harris into coloring?  He likes Bagpipes and all things Scottish... and so I found a bagpiping teddy bear and suddenly Harris is VERY interested in coloring.

Here's a couple of Harris' works ;-)

Bagpipe Bear

Compliments to for making the original available

Heilan Coo

For a copy of this coloring image go to my DevArt gallery.

So now he's off to a good start.  Notice both pages have carefully traced lettered titles on them.

catcha later, the Papa

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Wednesday, November 1, 2006

Music, Music, Music - [The Papa]

Harris is in his glory right now.  Papa bought him a snare drum from our local pawn shop and the first thing Harris did was play just about perfect drum rolls.  He listens to Scottish Drum and Bagpipe band music all the time and is trying to play the cadances the drummers play!  What a boy!

Harris on the Drums Video

We just had conferences at his school.  The teacher said he is doing well.  Just gotta get that boy to focus a little more and do some more independent work and more playing and interacting with classmates.

So now as of November 1st, 2006 Harris loves the Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Bagpipes.  He wants his own bagpipes now.  He has a piano, guitar, and snare drum and I just found on-line a child's bagpipe with a working chanter (drones don't work).  Only $36 so that's a Christmas present he'll be getting!

The Mama

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