November 2007

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sometimes a little push will give Great Results! - [The Mama]

Harris loves his music.  He loves his piano.  He loves his keyboards.  He loves his guitar.  He loves his concert snare drum.  He really loves his CD player that plays almost continuous Scottish music.  Mostly he plays the music of bagpipes, but he will listen to anything that is played on the Scotland Music series of CDs.

Lately Papa and I have been pushing Harris to play chords with his left hand while he plays his intricate melodies with his right hand.  He has been resisting - but now - he is doing it.  Click on the picture below to see and hear him playing his favorite song, Amazing Grace.  He even hums along to his playing and you can hear him if you listen closely.

Look of pure J-O-Y!!!!Amazing Grace!  Amazing JOY!

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