October 2004

Sunday, October 31, 2004

Happy Halloween! - [The Papa]

A special welcome to our website!
Halloween is that one day of the year that children come to our house from all around the neighborhood asking for goodies. It's our opportunity to make sure that they don't go away empty handed. If you are here for that reason we would like to extend to you a very special welcome.

Why did we put the comic book in with the bag of goodies? There a several reasons.

Have a look around and find out about our special miracle. We wanted to share a little bit about our lives and what God has done for us. Most importantly we want you to know that God is waiting to do great and wonderful things for you. So have a look around!

We want you to have the greatest experience in life! We want you to meet God for yourself. He made you and has a wonderful plan for your life. Here is a great link with information on how you can meet God for yourself.
How to meet God! [FLASH]
How to meet God! [no FLASH]

(disclaimer) Just so you know we are not affiliated with the
organization that put up this website. Some of our personal views may be different than those of this particular ministry.

Our own special invitation to know Jesus:
How We Made It Through

What do we believe about Halloween?

Check out more about this on our message board.
What do we believe about Halloween?

We Hope you had a happy and safe night!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

A New Day - A New Step - [The Mama]

I just have to give praise to Jesus Christ for all he is doing with Harris!

Today we had a few new things happen....
1) He came into work with me today and went running straight back to his Grandpa's office. He grabbed Grandpa's pop and tried drinking it! How awesome is that. That isn't the Miracle though. Here it is: Harris actually started using a sippy cup! Put that hard plastic into his mouth and actually applied suction to get his drink!!!!! I almost cried. Imagine that little angel finally putting something like that inside his mouth.

2) Maybe not too impressive to some, but great to me! Harris was playing in one of the empty offices in my building and came running out to me holding somethin. He said, "What's this?" I was floored. I answered him and said it was styrofoam and he tried a couple of times to say it, said "Thank you" and ran back to play!!!

I am so glad that he gets to spend time with me at the office. Normally my mom watches him in the afternoon, but she is down south for a few weeks with family. I am blessed to be the one seeing these awesome changes that are occurring so rapidly.

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The Mama

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Monday, October 18, 2004

Another Day Another Miracle! - [The Papa]

We are so amazed at the progress Harris is now having. Check out this exciting message on our message board to find out what happened.

Another day another miracle!

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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Potty Training - [The Papa]

Another breakthrough today. I'm attributing this to his new found independance. To find out why check out my post on the message board.

warning!  discussions about #1 and #2! Hah Hah!
Potty Training - Everyone's Favorite Topic

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Friday, October 15, 2004

October Eye Check-Up! - [The Papa]

You may or may not know Harris recently had eye surgery to correct the right eye that was dramatically turning in. He had his follow up appointment on Wedensday the 13th and passed with flying colors. For more about this topic check out "What's New"

Link to the What's New Page

and go to the message board.
October Eye Check-up

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